How to earn money through the internet for stay at home mom.

So mommy’s has the superpower to do anything we put our hearts to, first we tend to our kids, cook for them, preparing them for school and so on and so forth,  then we are left with the house work making spic and span of the clatter that’s left behind. We’ll I’m a stay at home mom even when I was pursuing my career working in an office, I always long the comfort of my home to read books than doing numbers as I am working in an accounting department.

Ok so much with the rant, let’s talk about what matters most. How to earn money while at home. Internet my friend is the big thing on earth nowadays, Yes it is, So let’s grab this opportunity. You want to share some of your thoughts? make a blog,  You love to write? make an ebook, You have a business? do it online, because online you have the whole world as your customers’ your fans, audience and avid readers.  amazing right? so first you have to have a stable internet, and of course, you have the internet or else you will not be reading this 🙂

As a newbie like me, we will not swallow more than we could chew so we will start first with

*Blogging – basically refers to a platform for someone to create content with passion and build a community around it. Writing and posting whatever you enjoy in life like your hobbies. If you have passion in writing poetry then post some content about it, share your home made cooking recipes, you love to take photos of your kids? or food? or your wardrobe and fashion style then write a story about it and tell the world.  Blogging is communicating with your audience, changing ideas and spreading a message. Just don’t forget it must be an original that you made yourself or else you don’t get approved.

Question: So how do I make money thru blogging? who will pay me?

Answer: Your blog has to be interesting enough to attract people, people who will check on the internet for some stuff they want to know or got interested in, so you get a lot of hits and have a certain amount of views, then companies will put advertisements  on your site. “more views means money”

Here are other advertising networks that you can use to earn money from blogging
Tribal Fusion

So that’s pretty much all as of now, we covered the basic about Blogging, and of course there’s A How to earn money through the internet for stay at home mom Part 2,  we will tackle how to do  Online business, Ebook writing, PhotographyPoetry and etc., I am hoping that this blog will help and be a guide to those moms’s who want to earn money while staying at home.

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